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James Todd's work in homes and businesses has come largely from referrals from satisfied clients. For each project, he listens to what the homeowner or client feels is important -- be it the floor tiles, bed spreads, furniture patterns, window dressings or overall style. Each client and home is different; therefore, each faux finish employed is different.
A large part of the challenge James loves is creating something new and unique for each client. The techniques range from sponging and ragging to dripping and spattering. He has even used plastic bags, and often combines techniques -- like sponging and ragging -- to achieve the perfect look for a client's home. Sometimes he's used as many as four layers to achieve a finish.

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Faux finish in a dining room in Shaker Heights.

Faux wood painted inset china cabinet, with a garden mural painted inside by Ruth.

Details James painted on the dining room ceiling; cornucopias in each corner, grape leaves in the middle of each side.

Faux finish in a master bedroom; the owners wanted "something soothing."

Faux finish in a piano room, plus glazing over anaglypta wallpaper on the ceiling.

More in the piano room

Faux leather finish in a dining room
(same room, different cameras).

Faux finish on a vaulted ceiling.

Faux finish in a guest bathroom.

This faux finish graces the walls of Ante Up Studio in Cleveland. It's not very visible in these photos, but there are gold tones in it as well.

The main restaurant walls of Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant in Cleveland received a faux finish overall, and then stencils on the 'columns' which James re-created from the original Cleveland Opera House interior walls.

The Hilarities Comedy Theater encompasses the original Cleveland Opera House brick walls. The owner wanted to keep the original walls, but employ a fun faux technique to add to the comedy club ambience. James and Ruth used this drippy technique they'd originated on the set of "Welcome to Collinwood." The colors coordinate with the carpeting.

This is the Martini Bar at Pickwick & Frolic. The faux finish is subtle; barely noticeable, yet it lends elegance to the entire room.

James and Ruth came up with this truly unique look. It involves acrylic over oil-based paint -- and that's all we can tell you!

James and Ruth extensively faux finished and aged the lobby; the owner wanted an old hotel lobby feeling here. James used trompe l'oeil throughout -- all the "panels" are painted and the "marble" chair railing was painted to match the actual marble baseboards. He also painted the signs.

A close-up look at the faux "panelling" done on the main doors to the restaurant -- using stain.

Trompe l'oeil "brass plaques" on the main restaurant doors.


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