Painted Furniture


From faux marble tables, to thematic designs and looks, to faux wood and extraordinary glass-like smoothness, James has painted furniture of all types with the same creativity and attention to detail as all his projects.

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A custom red marble dining table top.

It takes a lot of work to make it shine like real marble.

A whimsical giraffe painting on an old beaten-up table.
The client loved giraffes and Africa, and wanted a contemplative piece for her living room.

The giraffe looks sculptured or three-dimensional -- but it's all done with paint.
James titled this table "Giraffe Contemplating Water"

Faux fantasy marble end table, paired with the one below.

These started out as old wooden end tables.

This table was painted with a compass rose on a parchment-style background.
The table edges and legs were highlighted with gold, and the entire piece was aged.

Faux green marble table with a sheen that fools many people.

An armoire painted to match the color scheme of a granddaughters' bedroom.
See the floor mural for this room on the Murals page.

A restored wooden Japanese screen --
Above is the front side; at left is the back.

An antique trunk given an artistic facelift.

Side and top view -- still in progress.
The decals are authentic and untouched.

Another older coffee table given a dramatic new look.

What it looked like before; being sanded down.

Buddhist altar refinished and stained, then painted with lotus flower. Sanded and clear-coated for a beautiful finish.


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