Faux Marble


James has painted walls, chair rails, light fixtures and furniture to look like marble. To get a depth and smoothness that fools people into thinking it truly is marble, takes a lot of layers and effort. Each marble look is custom created to suit the desires of the client -- whether to match carpeting or colors in a room, or to match real marble.

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Faux marble on upper molding and mantel, as well as faux woodgraining and plaster-and-glazing techniques on the walls.

A custom red marble dining table top.

It takes a lot of work to make it shine like real marble.

Faux fantasy marble end table, paired with the one below.

These started out as old wooden end tables.
Plaster castings painted to resemble the actual, extremely complex pattern of the marble floors -- with mottled blacks, browns and tans with white veining.

Faux green marble table with a sheen that fools many people.


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