Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant & Club
Downtown Cleveland on East Fourth Street


James Todd, lead decorative artist at Dances With Walls, met Nick Kostis, owner of Pickwick & Frolic, while painting scenery for the movie "Welcome to Collinwood," which was shot in Cleveland. (Many scenes were shot in the building Pickwick now occupies and along East Fourth Street.) Nick loved the faux technique in one of the movie scenes and wanted it done in his Hilarities comedy theater.

From there, James and fellow artist Ruth Lohse employed different and often truly unique faux finishes throughout the new business -- in the lobby, main restaurant, martini bar, buffet area, and the women's bathrooms. James also fauxed the pillars at the main bar and the enormous 'silver-gilted mirror in the main restaurant. He and Ruth designed and painted two large murals outside the martini bar and in the buffet area.

In addition, James used trompe l'oeil techniques throughout the lobby; for the 'panels,'
'doorplates,' and 'marble.' He painted faux marble, cameos and signage on the bathroom doors.
He and fellow artists Bill and Kathy Van* hand-painted the three-dimensional 'film reel' above the main bar to look like colorized old movies. He also designed the Pickwick & Frolic logo and hand-painted many signs throughout this entertainment venue.

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Murals || Faux Finishes & Trompe L'Oeil || Film Reel & Logo


Cleveland Mural  
Ruth and James created this collage of Cleveland landmarks from around the turn of the century, in keeping with the owner's overall Charles Dickens theme.
(Different cameras; different lighting)
Detail Photos: --


Food Murals

James created this montage of various foods
and dishes to enhance the buffet area of the
comedy nightclub. He and Ruth also did the
faux finish on the background. This larger mural
is of entrees, while a smaller mural is of
desserts and related fruits and beverages.

(Different cameras; different lighting)

Murals || Faux Finishes & Trompe L'Oeil || Film Reel & Logo


Faux Finishes & Trompe L'Oeil

The main restaurant walls received a faux finish
overall, and then stencils on the 'columns'
which James re-created from the original
Cleveland Opera House interior walls.
-- --

The Hilarities Comedy Theater encompasses the original
Cleveland Opera House brick walls. The owner wanted to keep
the original walls, but employ a fun faux technique to add
to the comedy club ambience. James and Ruth used this drippy
technique from the set of "Welcome to Collinwood." The colors
were chosen to coordinate with the carpeting.

This is the Martini Bar. The faux finish is subtle;
barely noticeable, yet it lends elegance to the
entire room.

James and Ruth came up with this truly unique look.
It involves acrylic over oil-based paint -- and that's all
we can tell you!

James and Ruth extensively faux finished and aged the lobby;
Nick wanted an old hotel lobby feeling here. James used
trompe l'oeil throughout -- all the panels are painted
and the 'marble' chair railing was painted to match the
actual marble baseboards. He also painted the signs.

Another look at the faux panelling
on the doors and walls in the lobby.
(Different cameras; different lighting)

A close-up look at the faux panelling painted
on the main doors to the restaurant -- using stain.

Trompe l'oeil 'brass plaques' on the
main restaurant doors.

Faux aged pillars on the sides of the
main restaurant bar bring out their carved beauty.
Film Reel & Logo

This "film reel" scrolls
all along the soffit above
the main restaurant's
bar area.

James created this logo by hand, designing the
letter styles himself. Then he worked with a computer
designer to ensure the digital version was accurate.


James Todd (on the right) with Nick Kostis, owner of
Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant & Club, at the 2002
opening gala for all the contractors who'd made it happen.

* Bill and Kathy Van of Green River Studios in North Carolina.

You can also see the Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant & Club photo tour.


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