James has done textures with layers of plaster on walls, stippling, and glazing on stylized woodwork. Also included below is a sculptured exhibit James did for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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Plaster and glazing in a great room

Plaster and glazing of the great room leads into the kitchen

Subtle glazing can bring out the beauty of custom wood moldings.... particularly noticeable in the photo below.

Faux aged pillars on the sides of the main restaurant bar at Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant.
The glazing brings out their carved beauty.
James sculpted and painted the right side of this "Sculpting the Land" exhibit for the Natural History Museum of Cleveland. Bill Van painted the backdrop; Kathy Van and Ruth Lohse sculpted and painted the individual pieces on the left side. All of it was sculpted out of foam boards and spray foam. The exhibit showed how water from the mountains sculpts the land -- from craggy rocks and waterfalls, to deep gullies and canyons and foothills, and finally to its outlet into the ocean.

James used the actual boot that touched the moon surface to make this plaster model for the museum display.


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