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This is a new area James has recently embarked upon -- combining his faux finishing techniques with his scenic painting skills -- to create a theme in a room. Whether you want a Southwest feel, a New Orleans look, a Zen-Asian mood, or a jungle rainforest atmosphere, James can do that. He can even take it to a higher level, with trompe l'oeil techniques, and create details that will fool all of your guests into thinking they're real!

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Soothing old-world Japanese theme room with Trompe L'Oeil cutouts over "rice paper" windows, done at the Home & Garden Show, Cleveland, February 2009

Right Side
All the "wood" is faux painted.

Left Side
The "drawer" handles are also painted trompe l'oeil.

Close-up of the right side's wood and rice paper "cutout" -- all done with paint.

Close-up of the left side's "cutout."

A closer look at the painted cherry tree "shadow" on the walls.

Close-up of trompe l'oeil "cabinetry" and "hardware" ... all done with paint!

A whole new living room look in faux slate stone...

... from what it was before!

Then updated again with a pine tree "shadow" look.

A jungle safari hut theme for a young explorer's room. See also the dinosaur mural (on the Murals page) and more of the faux stones (on the Faux Stone page).


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