Faux Wood


James developed his faux wood painting techniques on movie and theater sets. He's painted all types of wood -- from pine and oak to mahogany and maple, on up to the very complicated wood grainings of curly maple and crotch-grain mahogany. His faux wood not only looks like real wood, it even feels like real wood.

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Faux wood painted door, both sides. The door is made of fiberglass.
Faux oak painted prefabricated front doorway unit -- started out beige, made of fiberglass.

Close-ups of the front doorway -- the top beam is real wood.

The outside of the front door -- also faux wood painted.

Faux wood beams for a dining room ceiling -- actually made with drywall!
Close-ups below.

Entryway floor painted to look like a parquet wood floor -- before

Entryway floor painted to look like a parquet wood floor -- after. Layers of clear coats and sanding make it very durable and smooth as glass.

Laying out the design (left), and the final sanding (right).
And finished -- top view.
Faux curly maple wood for the former Channel 3 News set.
Faux wood painted dining cabinet.

A library room in a house in Shaker Heights, painted to look like crotch-grain mahogany, except in lighter tones.
Faux oak garage door -- also prefabricated fiberglass, originally white.
Faux pine woodgraining on a door.


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