Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Australian Outback Adventure


James painted the faux aging on the buildings, and roofs, with fellow artist Ruth Lohse. After the
buildings were done, the architect/designer came to view the finished exhibit and told James that
he painted the buildings exactly as he had envisioned them -- even though the two men had never
met before then.

James also painted many replicas of signs found by a zoo exhibit designer in taverns in Australia's
outback. Working off of photographs with a myriad of signs on each, James painted virtual copies
of the authentic signs -- all of which were aged heavily to appear as though they were brought from
Australia to the exhibit. When the photographer first saw the painted signs she laughed out loud;
they were exactly as she had remembered them in person.

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Faux Finished Aging
-- Faux-aged 'rust' on buildings and roofs
-- Faux-aged 'rust' on the steel drum around this tree
-- Faux "wood" door at the base of the Yagga Tree


James hand-painted these signs with glossy sign paint, then 'aged' them in a few steps.
With the 'rust' being a dull coat, the 'aging' looks incredibly real. The signs shown here
are just a sample of the many he painted for this zoo exhibit.


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